Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The First Month

It seems hard to believe, but today marks the completion of my first month at ACC. I don't know that I've ever met so many new people in a month's time, and I guess I should apologize ahead of time if I've met you and forgot your name. I'm trying hard to remember them all, and I'm looking forward to meeting even more people.

Since my first interview at ACC I knew that if I got the job I would want to start a blog. Not because I enjoy the regular upkeep a blog requires. My personal blog is a testament to how little I enjoy that exercise. Rather, I needed a good place to catalog what I discover and learn as I work to stay up to date on the various ways technology is being used in the educational setting. It is my hope that this blog will give widespread access to these ideas and allow open comments and dialogue on them.

So I guess that is about it for the innagural post. If you've got questions for me, or you would like help integrating technology into your instruction please contact me!

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