Friday, July 24, 2009

Educational Technology is Backwards

Keeping up with educational technology is a daily part of my job. I read many blogs, follow experts in the field on Twitter, read several news sites and receive a few daily Google News Alerts on various keywords.

In this moment I feel like I'm sitting under an avalanche of information regarding technology as it pertains to the classroom, instruction, learning and faculty development. I can't breathe, and I'm desperately trying to tunnel my way to the surface!

I can't help but wonder: if I feel like this, how does the average faculty member feel?

Information overload is not a new problem and it isn't localized just to higher education. Enterprise search is a buzzword that's been around for awhile, and companies are working hard to create data retention and disposal policies so they can sift their way through the data to find the information that is actually useful.

The question becomes how can we get the appropriate technologies, techniques and devices to the faculty who need it without making them wade through the whole industry? I can't help but think we need to flip the delivery upside down. Instead of listing the technologies available, lets list the problems that they encounter and then provide technology options that can help them tackle those problems.

What do you think?

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